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Hello all, 
1)            How do you approach color vision testing of employees and who administers the tests?
do a standard screening test such as Isihara plates or Titmus or similar.  if they pass the test they should be fine.  but if not do a functional test with what ever it is they need the color vision for.  RN,  LPN or tech/medical assistant can do. the tester really doesn't need color vision if they have a key
2)            What kind of Quality Assurance is required on results?I guess you can have the person doing the testing demonstrate they know how to do it.  if you want to get fancy have them demonstrate on know good color and poor color vision subjects
3)            How do you handle reporting of failed tests to supervisors, both procedurally, and with respect to the implications on employees’ personal health information being shared with supervisors?
if fail screen, do functional test before any report.  if pass functional test then ok them for particular job.  if don't do well on functional test then report "not to do job requiring excellent color vision " or discuss possible accommodation with supervisor.  I would suggest release be obtained
4)            Are these employees given accommodation if necessary?any employee not able to do a job should be given opportunity to find an accommodation if possible, no matter what the issue
5)            Care to share your policy?I am not in a setting now where we have a written policy but above sums it upKarl Auerbach MDAlbany NY My opinions, nothing more...

Thank you for your time and any input you provide.
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