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Susan L. Guerin-Staples SGuerin at mmc.org
Wed Aug 14 09:30:22 PDT 2019

I'm hoping for some help from any list serve participant in New England.  (No offense intended to the rest of you but this is the area my CHRO has asked me to inquire of and the List Serve is my go to for these types of questions)

All of New England has now legalized Medical Marijuana.  Those hospitals in ME, NH, VT, CT and Ri if you are doing Applicant Drug testing how are you handling a positive test for marijuana in a candidate with a medical marijuana card?

1. Do you still include marijuana on your panel?
2. If the result is positive, do you exclude from hire those without a Medical Marijuana card?  Those with a Medical Marijuana card?
3. Do you interpret as a verified negative if they have a card?

If you prefer to respond to me via email my address is sguerin at mmc.org

I appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Our position to date:  We have not recognized Medical Marijuana cards to this point.  (and Maine has also legalized recreational marijuana)  We are a federal contractor because of federal grant monies received for some of our research work and that has been the basis for the rub between federal law and Maine State law.  Our current interpretation was our Employment Legal team's position on this.   We do not do for cause testing so the only testing has been at time of hire.  Apparently this is position is being reviewed.

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