[MCOH-EH] Can Heplisav-B be used for booster dose?

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We have been using Heplisav for titer negative employees since October last year - so far 98.2 % positive titers post booster (58 ee)

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Hi Tim,
Per the MMWR / January 12, 2018 / Vol. 67 / No. 1 US Department of Health and Human Services/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Response to Revaccination"
A challenge dose of HepB vaccine may be used to determine the presence of vaccine-induced immunologic memory through generation of an anamnestic response. The term "booster dose" has been used to refer to a dose of HepB vaccine administered after a primary vaccination series to provide" (page 12, bottom right).

We utilize this method and have found that the majority will convert to immunity status.
However, we use the Engerix Hep B (01 ml). After booster vaccination, we schedule a Titer retest 6 - 8 weeks later

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We are transitioning over to mostly Heplisav-B for our Hep B vaccinations.  Does anyone have thoughts whether Heplisav-B can be used for a booster dose?  (For example, if a worker had a full documented Hep B series in 2001, but never got a titer till now and it is negative, can we use one Heplisav-B for booster dose, and if the worker has a positive titer after, call them long-term immune?)

*         Our drug rep says no, that Heplisav is always given as a series of 2 and never as a single dose.

*         To my mind though, anyone with a full Hep B series and a subsequent positive titer has long term immunity, and it shouldn't matter which vaccine boosts to demonstrate this.

What do others think?  The advantage of boosting w/ Heplisav-B would be that if the titer is negative, it would take a lot less time to complete the second series.  Best, Tim

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