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We follow a similar process. I send a nurse on site to collect data points (Wt, Height, BP, Pulse, PFT, blood work). Then at a convenient time the FFs would schedule their visits and do the audiometric testing, ECG and see the doctor to review the history, perform the PE, and review the results in a consultation fashion with the individual FF. The provider then would do the documentation in the EMR and fill out the forms (PPE, Hazmat clearance, restrictions if needed). Recommendations for follow up would be given if needed.

Total time with RN 45 mins. Time with provider 30 mins.

William Scott, MD, MPH, FACOEM
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We always first had the MA or RN do all the blood work, PFT, audiogram and whatever else was included in the contract (except stress test).  We would often send them on-site to do this.  This way the department would not need to hire firefighters back to cover the men when they had to go to the clinic. Then a week or two later they could see the doctor (sometimes we did that on site too) and then the doc would have all the results, do a history and physical and be able to finish the paperwork with recommendations etc.

Doctor time would be about half an hour per patient. The data gathering was usually about an hour per patient.

Hope this helps.

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ACOEM Public Safety Medicine Section
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Does anyone do fire fighter exams?  If yes, how much clinical time do you schedule?  And what components of the exam are done by the Occ. Health RN?

Any and all information appreciated!


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