[MCOH-EH] Quality audits of occupational medicine clinics?

Deborah a Sampson da.sampson at yahoo.com
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I suggest a model based on the former Florida Consortium for infection control that implemented such a program in hospitals and freestanding facilities throughout Florida in the 1970-1990s. The model was terrific. 
A suggested process could include the following:
1) Assemble a team of MD, RN or APRN, safety experts to brainstorm and develop the process.
a. Write a mission statement and suggested timeline
b. Add other stake holders early on to study and comment 
c. Discus plans with key staff in state-based OSHA offices
2) Identify minimum standard of practice based on evidence and state and  national gov’t (ie OSHA) and occupational group standards criteria (NFPA).
3) Second, determine minimum equipment (AEDs, first aid, decontamination) etc for a site
4) Determine what metrics for quality make sense- Outcome, process or both?
5) Identify proper policies and protocols that should be in place for caring for hazards based on OEM standards
6) List quality audit outcomes and level ‘pass levels’ for each
7) Evaluate data for # and cause of injuries, days restricted or OOW, needs for accommodations or permanency, and compare with national data metrics
8) Assemble packet ( electronic forms etc preferably) that would work to gather data
9) Make pilot rounds in select facilities with check list to see what works and what doesn’t
10) Continuous review of your own review data, process, metrics, reports, currency with changing laws and standards.
This might be a start

Deb Sampson, PhD, APRN, COHN-S (ret), FAANP

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

I have been asked to advise a local company on  a process in which an external entity can provide quality audits of clinical care provided in their free-standing occupational medicine clinic.

I am wondering if anyone has an approach to this that they can share with me?

Thank you,

Craig Thorne     

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