[MCOH-EH] Fw: Help Prevent COVID-19 Infections among Health Care Workers

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Tue May 5 12:52:10 PDT 2020

Hi again MCOH Colleagues,

I am forwarding on behalf of Dr David Michaels and Dr Rosemary Sokas and colleagues at GWU - please consider sharing this survey:

Health care workers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, facing risk of exposure, infection and even death. Their work is central to efforts to save lives and reduce further transmission.
Many thousands of healthcare workers have already been sickened by the virus. In order to prevent future cases, we need to learn more about what is occurring in a range of health care settings, from hospitals and nursing homes to patient homes and prisons. And more information is needed about the challenges of preventing exposures to all types of health care workers, from nurses and physicians to laundry workers and security guards.
The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health is launching a web-based Health Care Worker COVID-19 Survey<https://publichealth.gwu.edu/covidsurvey> open to all health care workers who have been exposed to or infected by the COVID-19 virus. The announcement of the study is here<https://publichealth.gwu.edu/content/milken-institute-school-public-health-launches-survey-health-care-workers>.
We are conducting this survey to gather information on situations, practices and policies that increase the risk of exposure and infection among health care workers and highlight opportunities to improve worker health and safety and infection control in health care settings. The data we collect will be available to researchers and the public.
I am writing to ask you to spread the word and encourage health care workers to take the survey, which can be completed in about 10 minutes. The survey is anonymous; we will not ask for the name or employer of survey participants.
I'd be grateful if you would share the survey<https://publichealth.gwu.edu/covidsurvey> with health care workers and organizations representing health care workers in your network.
If you have questions or suggestions regarding the survey, please contact WorkersC19 at gwu.edu<mailto:WorkersC19 at gwu.edu>.
Thank you for your help on this initiative.
David Michaels
David Michaels, PhD, MPH, Professor
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
Milken Institute School of Public Health
The George Washington University
950 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC  20052


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