[MCOH-EH] When do COVID-19 related work accommodations "end"?

Abhijay Karandikar dr_abhik at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 2 06:04:00 PDT 2020

 I believe this is a topic that merits discussion by our MCOH members and the occ med community at large:

Is there a point where you are considering lifting of COVID-19 related accommodations or are your intending to make the accommodations "permanent"? For example, are pregnant employees going to be allowed to begin work with COVID-19 patients, say, once a county or region enters the "green" phase of re-opening or some other "milestone"? If not, would the accommodations extend to other illnesses that are transmitted through droplets? If yes, what would be the justification for ending the accommodation?


Abhijay P. Karandikar, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Reading, PA

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