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Sun Jun 28 14:44:51 PDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,
I have been working with the WHO regarding OH for health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you have a moment, could you answer the following questions?  Your answers will be used for updating guidelines on healthcare work place adaptations during a pandemic or other emergency situation. Rather than bog down the MCOH-EH site, please send your responses directly to me at gobmd at yahoo.com.  Thanks for your help.
Gwen Brachman MD, MS, MPH, FACOEM

1.    What new functions OH services had to take on in thecontext of COVID-19?
2.    What activities of OH services have been temporarysuspended, e.g. regular preventive medical check-ups, immunizations, trainingon some issues etc. 

3.    What was the collaboration and division ofresponsibilities between OH services and IPC?

4.    What was the role of OH services in workplace riskassessment for COVID-19 and managing COVID-19 infections? among health workers,including papers for financial compensation as acute occupational disease?

5.    What was the role of OH services in providingpsychosocial support to health workers?

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