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Navy OEM uses a program “OMPA” described in the link on p. 37. Essentially a comprehensive checklist.  Could start there. 


Excerpt: “NMCPHC also promulgates the Occupational Medicine Program Assessment (OMPA) as a self- assessment tool to assist both regional and local inspectors and local participants in evaluating the programs under their cognizance. The OMPA is a comprehensive overview of medical surveillance programs in place at an MTF. The OMPA also records clinic staffing, access, no-show rates, and completion of worksite visits.”

> On Jul 10, 2020, at 12:25 PM, Gwen Brachman via MCOH-EH <mcoh-eh at mylist.net> wrote:
> For WPSD (World Patient Safety Day) I have been tasked with putting together a check list regarding OSH programs in health care facilities.  This would begin with things like is there a policy, focal point, committee, OHS, immunization program, HW surveillance and progress to other specifics.
> Does anyone have or use a checklist - or anything to track - the status of the OHS program in your facility?
> Thanks in advance
> gwen brachman md
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