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Gwen Brachman gobmd at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 1 12:15:08 PDT 2020

Dear Colleagues

The WHO training course on OH for HWs is now on line.  At the moment only in English, but supposed to be translated into several other languages.  This is a good resource for the HWs in your facility.  You go to openWHO - it's the top course on the left (there are several other courses that might be of interest to MCOH members).  You have to join but there is no cost.  

Also, Sept 17 is World Patient Safety Day (WPSD) -  the theme this year is Health Worker Safety.  There will be webinars on Sept 17 and 18 hosted by WHO.  ACOEM is hosting a webinar by  IOMSC on Sept 21 focused on WPSD and OH for HWs.

Keep safe and healthy

Gwen Brachman MD, MS, MPH, FACOEM

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