[MCOH-EH] Covid +ve Employees Working

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MANY nursing homes do the same thing--they allow COVID+ nurses who as "asymptomatic," or minimally symptomatic, to staff the COVID areas.
My sister was one of them!

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Have any of the list serve members been asked to have covid +ve employees work?
Either asymptomatic +ve or "minimally symptomatic" +ve employees work. I am not sure what minimally symptomatic means but our IC team uses that phrase.
There has been discussion within our organization due to staffing shortages especially with critical care nursing for a number of months.
The thought is to have these infected employees work with covid+ve patients.
Our EOHS team has been pushing back and we have sighted the CDC guidance that it could be considered after all else has failed to supply safe staffing levels.
Charlie Hackett MD, MPH
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