[MCOH-EH] Post vaccination and travel quarantine

Jayant jeldurkar at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 20 07:06:28 PST 2021

Good morning colleagues,
Hope all are safe and keeping healthy.  

I have been getting quite a few questions regarding travel and specifically quarantine after vaccination.  

Our policy is still to quarantine for 7 days post travel and have a negative test between day 3-5 post travel.  If no test, then quarantine for 10 days.  This is in keeping with CDC guidance from 2/16/21.  

I think the conflict occurs when a person who is fully vaccinated (2 doses and 2 weeks on after 2nd dose) don’t need to quarantine if even they have a known exposure to  COVID patient or have exposure at home (sick kiddo or partner).  

What are your organizations or employee health departments doing regarding post vaccination travel?  Your thoughts and advice are most appreciated.  



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