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At our facility the Employee Health Nurse also oversees Infection 
Control and Safety.  This really helps with that focus on employee 
safety and overall culture.  For facilities experiencing high levels of 
workplace violence, this makes sense, because you are encouraging staff 
to report, facilitating interventions and policies, and then closing the 
loop with facilitating counseling for the employees.  The safety 
committee includes a variety of representatives from different areas.  
Including an Executive Team member and Maintenance/Plant Operations is 
imperative.  We go through the monthly Accident/Injury/Exposure reports, 
Radiation Safety Reports and Fire Drill reports.  We develop policies 
together.  Each quarter, each member of the Safety Committee gets 
assigned to an area to tour to identify safety concerns.  Our Workers' 
Comp insurance carrier offers a lot of free videos to train staff on 
hazard identification and accident assessment.  Feel free to reach out 
to me directly if you have more questions or would like to see our 
committee charter etc.  Your Workers' Comp carrier should have a lot of 
resources, and they are often available as support.

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>Good morning.
>In my previous occupational health work outside of health care each
>organization had a very strong employee health team.
>Often the safety group reported into operations and wre at a high level
>with the hierarchy.
>My present organization is mostly focused on patient safety as it should be
>but we are trying to push to enhance a focus on employee safety.
>We have no system-wide employee safety officer.
>Do you have a dedicated employee safety organization?
>How is it structured and where does it report?
>What is its relationship with EOHS?
>Thank you
>*Charles D Hackett, MD, MPH*
>Medical Director, Employee and Occupational Health, Lifespan
>Chief Community and Family Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital
>Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Brown University
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