[MCOH-EH] Mask/eyewear fatigue

Abhijay Karandikar dr_abhik at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 13:59:21 PST 2021

We are seeing a good amount of mask/eye protection fatigue among our employees/staff. Some of this is related to fogging of eyewear and some of it is related to comfort issues from wearing PPE for long hours/having to change them frequently based on entry/exit into rooms. I am anticipating that a few, if not most of you, are versed with this issue at this stage of the pandemic. I have suggested a few easy solutions to our leadership that we will oversee implementation of. However, I am reaching out to see if there is any particular PPE/equipment that you use at your facilities or can recommend to deal with these issues. 
On a similar note, the ENVO respirators appear to be a popular choice; however, they are not suitable for us in healthcare due to the exhalation port. They do now provide valve plugs and a separate headgear which is valveless. Can anyone share any pearls of wisdom regarding their use?
Abhijay P. Karandikar, MD, MPH, FACOEMChief, Section of Occupational Medicine & Employee HealthReading Hospital/Tower HealthWest Reading, PA
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