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One concern about remote workers when this was discussed in my facility a few years ago,  is that if they sustain an injury while “at work” at home, there may be some issues with worker’s comp laws. If there has been no health screening or documentation of preemployment illness or injury that could be an issue. Of course the issue of immunizations and substance abuse can get sticky too. Should probably run by legal for an opinion. 

Deb Sampson 

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We have similar concerns with our increasing volume of remote workers. We do not see them and are even considering forgoing many of the Medical screening requirements such as vaccinations. Since they are off site and potentially in another state they pose no risk to our employee population.
How do you handle your contract hires. Does the agency provide attestation for all medical? Do you require a UDS within a specific time frame for them?
Thank you

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Good afternoon all..

Our organization is seeing tremendous growth and our Process Engineering has started a review of the our organization’s onboarding process.  
Our current state for Team Member Health is:
• New hire is sent Adobe Esign new hire medical assessment to complete prior to the new hire visit. Document is fully electronic with esignatures.    New hire sends back to TMH electronically and it is posted in our database.
• RN reviews prior to or during new hire visit to determine fitness for duty, need for medical clearance or ADA issues
• New hire completes preplacement screening in TMH:  BP, Height/Weight, Vision/color vision,  blood draw for titers (MMR, Varicella, Hep B, Hep C, cotinine or review of immunization documentation),  QFT, Fit Test, and 5 panel rapid UDS.  All labs are run by our internal lab which is a huge cost savings and labs autopopulate our  database within 24 hours.  
• TMH clears new hire to work.
With our growth,  we are looking at allowing some new hires to got to outside labs (Quest or LabCorp) for their blood work/drug test and perform the new hire medical assessment visit via telehealth.   
• Do any of you contract with outside labs for your new hire lab work?  If so, do you have any challenges, delays with an outside service?  
• Do any of you do telehealth medical assessments?   I am a little concerned that we will miss some fitness for duty issues by not physically seeing the new team member. 
Any information you can share will be appreciated very much!  JoAnn
JoAnn Shea, APRN, MS, COHN-S
Director, Team Member Health and Wellness
Tampa General Hospital
Office: 813-844-7692
Cell:      813-789-3441
jshea at tgh.org

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