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Abhijay Karandikar dr_abhik at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 13:43:53 PST 2022

Dear all,
Have any of you/your institutions made COVID-19 pandemic predictions for the coming year (or two), created a roadmap or even based their budgetary decisions (related to staffing, anticipating COVID-19 related office/urgent care visits/hospitalizations, etc.) on these predictions? If yes, I am curious to hear about your predictions for the future. Our leadership is asking ID/EH to evaluate the "future", specifically, 

·        Are we anticipating another COVID wave?
·        Do we anticipate additional COVID variants and what impact will they have?
·        What will happen in terms of office visits, urgent care, hospitalizations with Covid as compared to the last 2 years?
·        Will COVID now simply become a part of the annual flu season?

Abhijay P. Karandikar, MD, MPHSection Chief - Occupational Medicine & Employee HealthReading, PA

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