This is something we have been working on heavily at our organization. This became such a problem, that I actually just hired an RN that serves as our diversion and substance abuse coordinator within employee health.   The Mayo Clinic offers a lot of useful tools if you are beginning.  To be quite honest, I am surprised at some of the questions you pose- to me, everything is about patient safety.  It shouldn’t even be asked if an on-call person should be allowed to drink…My answers below in red and my policy attached.


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My facility is in the process of updating our Substance Abuse Policy.  I was wondering if any of you can share what your facility has for this topic.


Some questions that have come up during our review.


Do you allow any alcohol consumption while on duty? Absolutely not  If no, does this include lunch? Yes, never Does it apply to your sales force or for things like contractor lunches?  What about salaried employees/staff at after hour functions at your facility? Never, ever, anyone- this sets your culture


Do you allow alcohol on the premises for after hours events? No


Do you have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or do you use a level that an employee cannot be above (0.02% 0.04%) Zero tolerance


Can an on-call employee/staff drink at home when they are on-call? Absolutely not


If it is possible, I would appreciate receiving some of the policies that are used.


Bruce E. Cunha RN MS COHN-S

Manager, Employee Health and Safety

Marshfield Clinic

Marshfield WI.


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