1.        What is the process at your institution? All workers (temp, locums, contract, regular, volunteers) must be cleared through EH; We will begin seeing all students this fall.
2.        If data is collected where is it stored? In our EMR (SYSTOC) with all other records. No separate systems
3.        What do you do in the event of an exposure and how are those temp workers identified? treat like employees but bill under OH to agency (We have a combined EH/OH department)
4.        We perform drug testing pre-placement for our employees and this is required of the temp agencies to obtain. What about contractors(such as maintenance workers, project workers) who come in for a few days. Do you require drug testing? Drug screen performed within 7 days required for all. They can bring it in or we will perform. Sometimes we have to be flexible and will allow 30 days if we performed. Flexibility is primarily for locums, MD, CRNA's who are moving or traveling.
5.        For annual TB surveillance doyou include them for compliance to Infection Control? If they work for an agency no, if they work for the hospital yes.

Octavia Williams-Blake
AVP, Occupational Health
McLeod Health
(843) 777-5355

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