Hello Lisa

I just had the conversation about this with my boss 5 minutes ago.


When I researched this last year, I could find nothing.

Our facility participates in Truven reporting.


2015 data report from Truven identified the following:

         Sample size of 31 -37 facilities reporting

         Of those reporting, the data noted:

o   Average 9,588 visits to EHS

o   Average EHS FTE is 2.42

o   Average paid employees 1,745 covered by EHS


Now a simple breakdown and analysis demonstrates to anyone with some data savvy that this information cannot possibly be accurate-much less for determining staffing levels per patient visit.

Moreover, the determinants for reporting the data and ‘case’ definition for what constitutes a ‘visit’ were not provided for those of us doing the reporting.


So I think the data is VERY sketchy but our finance department is focusing on the fact that we have 3.12 FTEs and only have the number of visits of the ‘average’ facility in the Truven report.


To try to increase ONE FTE I have produced significant justification over the last year:

         productivity data by visit type,

         time studies by type of visit,

         data on # of phone calls and

         total minutes of phone work per month (we have a computerized phone system that produces that data for us in one 5 minute request)

         record keeping and required reporting time data

         administrative time including

o   meetings

o   policy revision

o   staff ed and orientation

o   personnel task by administrator

o   finance processes

         Documentation of potential for patient care, financial and documentation errors AND increased risk to organization and employees r/t poor staffing level

         Staff burnout concerns

         etc etc etc


All to no avail.


I look forward to others thoughts.



Deborah A. Sampson, PhD, APRN, COHN-S, FAANP


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Good Morning,


I am making an inquiry about EH Staffing and hope to learn what others are doing.  I have a sense we are understaffed  and have been asked to  find out if there is a  standard or guideline. Please share with me your staffing pattern and whether or not there is  any staffing guidance.


         1400  Employees students, contractors  =  EH Staffing – 1 RN


Thank you



Lisa Boruff RN, MSN, CIC

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