We do offer Hepatitis A vaccine to our food handlers, pediatrics and ED staff but do not require it.


If a team member has our insurance and is traveling to a country that is at risk, we also will provide the vaccine to them.   We recently completed an interface to allow our immunizations to upload from Agility (our database)  to Florida Shots (state immunization registry) and our primary care doctors can then download to EPIC.


Now that we can transfer our immunization records to EPIC, we are expanding our immunization program and will be offering shingles, pneumococcal, Hepatitis A to our covered team members at no cost in addition to the immunizations we already offer (MMR, varicella, flu, Tdap, Hep B ).


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I am very concerned about the hepatitis A epidemics that are occurring across the country, and that have at times touched the health care field, although that does certainly not represent the greatest risk.   But I would like our organization to be pro-active to the extent that we can, and I  was wondering if there were organizations on this list serve who track, or offer or require Hep. A for foodhandlers and/or other groups of employees.   I  assume that this would be a requirement in those places that mandate immunizations for ALL foodhandlers, but wondering what others do.


Dr. Tim herrick

Medical director, occ. Health