Good to know. Thank you.
Would you share the brands that were a problem?

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Good luck with your touchless thermometers. We are on the 3rd brand we have tried to use.  Most of them record a very low temp, so we had to adjust our range for “high” and find they are registering people at 94 and 95 degrees in the early cold mornings.  We have had inconsistencies with a temperature recording 98.7 at the screening desk, but 100.2 in the ER….



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We are evaluating touchless thermometers and there are many choices….

Could anyone who has a moment send me info on the brand and model used in your facility?

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Deb Sampson


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I didn’t think you could legally restrict based on domestic travel.


WE screen every person that comes into the building by asking questions and checking temp.


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Good morning all…


Do any of you require self-quarantine for 14 days after domestic travel?   Our healthcare organization currently requires  a 14 day quarantine for any international travel and any domestic travel to New York, Louisiana, New Jersey, and other areas that are currently “hot zones” such as Miami area in Florida.     We review travel on a case by case basis via our COVID-19 hotline, and inquire about where they are visiting,   how many people they will be around, what they will be doing, etc. 


With summer coming and employees wanting to plan vacations, we were wondering what others were doing at other healthcare organizations in reference to travel restrictions.


Also…how many of you are screening employees before they enter your facility?   We are doing a symptom screen, have you traveled in the past 14 days and a temp check.  We are moving to a mobile app that the team member can sign into before work, answer the questions and then just shows the screener the “green light” and then only needs a temp check. 


Thank you!


JoAnn Shea, APRN, MS, COHN-S

Director, Team Member Health and Wellness

Tampa General Hospital

Office: 813-844-7692

Cell:      813-789-3441



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