We have a PCR testing clinic for team members, medical staff and residents.  We will test team members returning from travel upon request or based our recommendation.    We test 4-7 days upon return.


We require all team members to call our COVID-19 hotline and complete a travel assessment prior to travel so we can determine if a 14 day self-quarantine will be required upon return.  

Our prevalence in our area is so low, we are concerned about increasing cases as the country opens up more and more this summer.    JoAnn



JoAnn Shea, APRN, MS, COHN-S

Director, Team Member Health and Wellness

Tampa General Hospital

Office: 813-844-7692

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We are doing daily surveillance for all our employees even those working at home .we started it for those entering work sites but then we had a request from those working at home because they felt it gave  them direction as to what to do in case they have symptoms .

We started it on survey monkey but now we moved into soft program and every employee has a link that they tap into to compete it .

Regarding travel ,we are doing the 14 day quarantine as it is mandated by our government but the question which we had is about testing .Some people are requesting testing .

I am looking for your views on testing for the travelers.


Many thanks 


Dr Tayseer Mustafa

Clinical lead for Mubadala Healthcare UAE



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