Given the extent of community spread, we are not excluding asymptomatic HCW without a positive PCR from work. This is regardless of exposure, i.e., home, work, house of worship, or store.


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Previously, For HCP at UCI we we allowing a symptomatic HCP who had close contact to continue working unless contact was household. Now after 2 COVID vaccines and the required post 2nd vaccine time (1 week for Pfizer and 2 weeks for Moderna), and if the HCP is not immune compromised, that HCP can continue working after household contact. Warner 

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My understanding is that individuals after vaccination need to follow the same public health guidance as non-vaccinated individuals.   Although the vaccine is 95% effective in limiting symptomatic disease,  it is not known to what extent it decreases the risk of asymptomatic disease or transmission.   For those reasons a fully vaccinated HCW who was a COVID contact should still be furloughed from work.  Is anyone doing anything different?  


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