Dr. Siu,

In my opinion, your patient should receive her second COVID-19 vaccine but delay its administration by 90 days.

Current CDC recommendations are:

1.    Anyone who acquired a COVID-19 infection should get the COVID-19 vaccine since it can not be assumed that every victim will develop a significant immune response from their infection.  However, CDC also has stated that it is very likely that most COVID-19 victims will have at least 3-6 months of immunity following their infection.
2.    Anyone who has acquired a COVID-19 infection should wait 90 days before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine to avoid a robust reaction to the mRNA vaccine (especially the Moderna vaccine) from the presence of high levels of circulating antibodies following a natural infection.
That being said, there has been some discussion among public health experts that a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine may be sufficient for those people who naturally-acquired a COVID-19 infection.

Finally,  due to the "immune escape" property in the COVID-19 variants, there is currently concern among public health experts that a modified COVID-19 vaccine "booster" will also be needed for the general population in the future.
I hope this is helpful.


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I have a nurse who developed COVID 2 days after the first dose.
She has now recovered. Should she get the second dose?

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