We do not have a video, but do a training. Now we have upped the ante and have all of our staff learn to use the CAPR and they are required to do education and demonstrate competency with the CAPR, however only a certain amount of our staff was fit tested for the N95’s since we have the CAPR’s and our policy says to choose them first.  With the Coronavirus Vaccines being distributed our team that does fit testing does not have time to fit test the others yet, so we are continuing to use CAPR’s here instead of the N95’s until we can round up a large fit testing clinic again


Tara Dockery

Ocean Beach Hospital



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 For those in a hospital or clinic setting, do you require that ALL of your new hires watch a OSHA respirator/TB video?  I'm trying to figure out if it is a requirement.  Also, do you have your employees complete an OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire?  If yes, I was wondering if this is something you have ALL employees fill out, or just those that are likely to wear a respirator.