we use the Cority product ReadySet.  The product meets almost of our needs for our employees; we're still not totally happy with some of our sub-populations of folks who work in our facilities but are not part of our HR database system.   Getting it up and running has been very unpleasant.  We were not told that our IS team would have to be so heavily involved and it would be so difficult to get lab data flowing in and old databases integrated.  We integrated with our 3rd party TPA for workers comp and that process was miserable but its working great.   From what they have told me, we have pushed them harder then most of their other clients

My biggest complaint about implementation is that they did NOT appreciate that we couldn't address issues upfront that we didn't know needed to be addressed.!!  Their timelines were based on how long it would take them to do their tasks, not how long the whole project took to implement.  We had huge snags as we were implementing because we'd be waiting and waiting and then they would tell us that the delays were on our health systems side.

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My apologies ... my "autocorrect" function added spaces in the link I posted earlier. The correct link is https://www.meditrax.com/Employee_Health_Software_For_Health_Care.pdf.

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