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Please note: tailgate information is for TBPH only. We ask this doesn't make its' way into social media stream (no Facebook, twitter, email, etc.) 


If you do not pick up your volunteer badge at Wednesday's meeting or Uncle Fat's on Friday, you will not be able to get in prior to 1pm.


If you are bringing a tent or RV, contact Cap. Dave (captdaveland at gmail.com<mailto:captdaveland at gmail.com>) no later than Tuesday at noon. Attached is a map of where we are located - overflow Lot A. 


Tampa Bay Parrot Heads! What time is it?????


It's time for Fins Up and "High Buffett Week" for the concert and pre-parties. Here's the instructions and schedule for "This One's for You" tailgate..


If you are bringing tents, games for Parrot Head Playground, grills or tables, RV's, you MUST send that information to Capt. Dave at captdaveland at gmail.com.


If you are bringing tents, tables, grills or canopies, please make sure that your name & phone number are clearly marked on them to identify you. Although we have a team taking care of tear-down Saturday night, please tear down your tents, etc. and place them in your vehicle or safe place while you are in the concert. 


Entrance to Fairgrounds

You MUST  have a volunteer badge to enter into the State Fairgrounds through the Hwy 301/Arch entrance to enter from 8-9:30am. Volunteer badges will be available at the 4/15/15 meeting or pre-pre party at Uncle Fats Friday evening. YOU CANNOT GET IN TO SET-UP IF YOU DON'T HAVE A VOLUNTEER BADGE - EVEN IF YOU HAVE A TICKET!!!!!!  


Proceed to Overflow Lot A to park and see Capt Dave for set-up. 




Try to have at least 2-4 people per vehicle coming into the Fairgrounds. 

Hwy 301/Arch available for volunteers from 8am-9:30am to arrive for set-up and to ensure your place at the "This One's for You" pre-concert area.  RV's please try to arrive between 8-9am, no later than 9:30am. 


After 1pm and with a ticket, you can come through 301 (Main) entrance. However, you may not be able to park in the tailgate area.


NOTE: If not on Capt Dave's list, RV's will be parked in the RV lot and arrangements will need to be made to have someone carry you, your passengers and gear from RV lot to tailgate area.

No boats on trailers will be allowed entrance to the Florida State Fairgrounds for tailgating.


Volunteer Schedule

If you volunteered to help, you have been assigned duties; please check your time assigned and show up for your shift. 


Tailgate Area (Margarita Millie will be there to greet)!

This One's for You Tent is located in Lot A overflow. If you have a tent or canopy, please bring it to set up for the masses. Only vehicles that have "actual tailgating" out of the back of the vehicle will be in this area. All other parking will be to the right and further back from this area. We have room for 200 vehicles in this area. You may want to bring your club lanyard (name badge) to ensure entrance to this area.  We'll have our own port o' potties at our disposal.


What do I bring?

BYOE - Bring Your Own everything! (Which means food, bug spray, drinks, chair, cutlery, cups & paper plates & everything else).

If you have a grill to share for cooking in the tailgate area, please contact Capt Dave at captdaveland at gmail.com. You are YOUR OWN Chef!

Bring a dish to share and whatever you want to grill or eat. Tents will be provided to shade the food this year. If you have any extra, please bring them. 


HOT! HOT! HOT ! Saturday is usually hot and very humid. Remember to bring water, sun tan lotion. Stay hydrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Entertainment Schedule - Songs from St Somewhere area


Trop Rock Junkies 12pm-5pm


Our charity is Florida Parrot Rescue - they will be on site

MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN - DRAWING AT 5:30 pm in "This One's for You/Band" tent


Key contacts on-site:

Captain Dave - set-up

Dorothy / Joyce / Jennifer / Dick - whatever you need 


FINS UP!!!!!
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