[MCOH-EH] Replying to messages on the list

Dr Joe Fanucchi drjoe at meditrax.com
Tue Jan 10 09:19:19 PST 2017


Once again ... if you're going to reply to a message, PLEASE _take 3__0 
seconds to insert a meaningful "Subject" line_. Today the list got 
several messages with the only subject description "Re: [MCOH-EH] 
MCOH-EH Digest, Vol 252, Issue 1"

Messages with generic subject lines are nearly impossible to sort 
correctly in the list archives, meaning your comments are (for all 
practical purposes) lost forever.

Also ... if you're replying to a message you read in a daily or weekly 
digest, _please DON'T attach the entire digest to your reply_.

If you'd like help with these simple steps to make the list more 
functional for all subscribers, please email me privately.


Joe Fanucchi

*Joe Fanucchi MD FACOEM*
President and Medical Director
MediTrax / OHS, Inc. <http://www.meditrax.com/>
/MediTrax software: Everything you need, at a fraction of the cost!/
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