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We charge the post exposure medications to our cost center in Employee Health.   Employee must report to EHS for an evaluation or phone in and we can evaluate over the phone if necessary (off site areas).
Our operating budget pays for:

*         Zpak for pertussis exposures

*         Cipro or rocephin for meningitis exposures

*         Tamiflu for flu exposures.  Employee pays for Tamiflu if not exposed at work via insurance.

*         Post exposure medications for BBP exposures (including non employees exposed such as students, residents, physicians, etc)

Employee who acquires illness due to work related exposure receive WC benefits upon 8th day of lost time...most are not off that long so use own accruals.

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JoAnn Shea, ARNP, MS, COHN-S
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Can I ask how your health systems handle employee exposures to influenza, pertussis etc.? Are the post-exposure prophylaxis medications covered under workers' comp or by the employees' personal insurance? What about when an employee becomes symptomatic as a result of such exposure?  Thank you in advance for your input.

Bindu Kumar MD
Associate Medical Director
Occupational and Travel Health
Main Line Health

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