[MCOH-EH] EAP Counseling Sessions--response from EAP director regarding term "sessions"

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We have unlimited with our EAP.  Here is the response I received about this question from our EAP director:

 "there are unlimited hours of crisis support, assessment and referral and  case management support- we do not provide treatment. We typically run between 5 and 25 hours of work per client, 'tho have hit 100 hours on some complex workplace referral/licensure matters.

"sessions" is a smoke and mirror term in the EAP world- most EAPs that sell 3 sessions- mean assessment/referral sessions and almost no employees are seen 3 times or even talk to an EAP clinician by phone 3 times...Re  in person- some Lifespan employees see us in person for assessment, referral, crisis support, motivation for treatment and some by phone-which most prefer, by the way.

8 session model is very rare- and very expensive- and crosses into treatment of course, duplicating the health insurance plan.

We do sell some 3 session models- where we do our usual assessment, motivate, research options and refer for treatment, then follow up for varying lengths of time...AND cut the check to the treating clinician for the first 3 sessions- but that is a higher fee of course. Some employers have bought that to defray the impact of a high deductible health plan."

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Cincinnati's vendor offers 8 sessions per member per episode

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We offer three free sessions via our EAP, but we have difficulty getting employees seen in a timely manner for acute mental health issues in which they do not have a provider.    We have inhouse psychologist in our rehab center and are collaborating on a proposal to provide counseling in house for acute cases that don't need baker act.   Our target date is start of next fiscal year, Oct 2017.   Usually the managers bring to Employee Health and say "Do Something!"  if they are having breakdown or mental health issues.  The employees would have to have our insurance and will have a slight co pay ($10) but we hope it will be useful.  At least we will trial the program and tweak as needed.

We also can call our stat psych nurses who round on patients to assist.   JoAnn

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As part of our employee assistance program, our vendor provides three free counseling sessions per member per problem.  With the increased focused on behavioral health issues in the workplace, we are looking at expanding that EAP benefit to five sessions per employee per problem.  If you have an outside EAP provider, how many free counseling sessions does your EAP vendor offer to your employees?

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