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We view any WC notes, labs or imaging studies in EPIC.  All non-work related documentation is housed separately in our OccHealth software, OHM.
Re/ the question of blood borne exposures-we have educated all of our Nursing Supervisors to consent (if needed-in NH we don't have to obtain consent if the pt. is "unable to consent", i.e. unconscious, deeply sedated, etc.) the source patients and to get their labs running asap. They do this work when we are closed. They run the only HIV test we have In-house, which is a 4th generation test.  This keeps the employees out of the ED as the Supervisors are able to provide the employee the source results, including HCV and HepBag typically within 2 hours.  The ED would only run labs on the employee if the source was unknown, high risk or HIV (+) and they initiated PEP.
We generally do all of the employee baseline labs next business day.

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