[MCOH-EH] "Please Post" and similar subject lines

Dr Joe Fanucchi drjoe at meditrax.com
Thu Apr 6 12:40:19 PDT 2017

Good afternoon colleagues,

I see that the maillist continues to receive messages with subjects like 
"MCOH-EH Digest, Vol 252, Issue 127" and, more recently, "Please Post". 
To slow the spread of these messages which do not include a meaningful 
subject line, I'm reluctantly forced to place the senders on a roster 
for which all their messages will be personally reviewed before 
distribution to the list. This may occasionally result in returning 
messages to the sender, requesting that the subject line be changed so 
that list members can immediately see the subject in their email inbox 
so they know whether they wish to open it.

Replies to digest messages which fail to trim the irrelevant contents of 
the digest will also result in the sender being placed on the 
"pre-distribution review" roster.


Joe Fanucchi

*Joe Fanucchi MD FACOEM*
President and Medical Director
MediTrax / OHS, Inc. <http://www.meditrax.com/>
/MediTrax software: Everything you need, at a fraction of the cost!/
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