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 Is a short presentation, with or without a Power Point of 12 topics really
supposed to create safety, or is just so you can say you did. If it does
creat safety, how would you know?

I am reminded of employee training I took from time to time, the objective
of which seemed to be not so much that I learned anything but more for the
authorities to say I acted contrary to the training I received.

William a Hyman
Texas A&M University


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>       a discussion of workplace safety? (Seeburger, Sara)
>    3.  Employee Health access to EPIC question (Shea, Joann)
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>         initiating a discussion of workplace safety?
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> We are revamping our presentation  in the short time we are allotted in
> new employee orientation to discuss safety, and engendering a culture of
> safety of health in the workplace.
> Could you just take a sec to very briefly answer some basic questions...
>   1.  How much time do you get? 20 min
>   2.  How do you structure it and set the tone....for example...do you
> present individuals' stories?  Do you focus on the nuts-and-bolts of how to
> report and injury, seek care, etc?  Do you discuss the relationship between
> employee safety and patient safety?  Do you have different modules for
> employees who are involved in direct patient care, who work in healthcare
> facilities but not in direct patient care, and those who work in generic
> administrative and business functions not specifically related to
> healthcare.
> We have a Power point that covers :
> Ergonomics/Back Safety/Safe patient handling
> Workplace Safety/Injury Management and Prevention
> Slips/trips/falls
> How to report
> Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids
> Blood borne diseases
> Personal Protective Equipment
> Exposure to Infectious Diseases
> Employee illness
> Annual Compliance
> Vaccines offered in Occupational Health
> We also tell stories during these slides
> In the interest of your valuable time, feel free to respond in sentence
> fragments...so I can get a flavor of what people are doing...it'll help us
> get started.
> Thanks
> Ed Galaid
> Edward I. Galaid, MD, MPH, FACOEM
> Medical Director, Roper St. Francis Physician Partners Occupational
> Medicine
> Charleston, SC
> Member, ACOEM Task Group,  Guidance for the Medical Evaluation of Law
> Enforcement Officers
> Member, NFPA 1582 Task Group
> (O) 843-402-5053
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