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At my facility I do require staff to submit proof if they received a vaccine somewhere else, either the documentation from a physician or the receipt from the pharmacy.

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We don’t require proof of vaccination from other facilities.  They just fill out a form that indicates that they had it elsewhere.

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   3.  Employee Health access to EPIC question (Shea, Joann)

 Would a signed medical release cover the entire EHR? If so, is that part of the problem? Could some data needed for Employee Health be segregated?

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Subject: [MCOH-EH] Employee Health access to EPIC question

Our new compliance officer will not allow Employee Health to access EPIC employee records to look up vaccinations, even with a signed medical release.   We have almost 20 primary care clinics and many of our employees get their flu shot during their visit.

The employees comes  to EHS clinic ask up to look up their flu shot in EPIC so they can get a flu sticker.   They sign a medical release and we look up and print the flu shot records and enter in our Occupational Health database.

We are an Occupational Health clinic and acute care clinic with nurse practitioners and a medical director.   She is okay with accessing the EPIC records for exposure info on patients/employees, ED visits related to acute care or workers comp/leaves, if we have a signed release.

Does anyone else access their hospital EMR to view flu shots or other immunizations   after getting a signed medical release?   Thank you very much.   JoAnn

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