[MCOH-EH] RD: early Return to Work/cost centers

Susan L. Guerin-Staples SGuerin at mmc.org
Fri Mar 1 09:58:55 PST 2019

We do not use a separate account for our Transitional Work Program.  The employee is compensated their full wages while working in modified duty.  Our program involves a Transitional Work Agreement for managers and staff to sign outlining the expectations of the work while on restrictions and the duration of the agreement.  We allow participation in our Transitional Work Program for both Occ and Non-Occ injuries.  We do track this as an ADA Accommodation.  We remove some essential job functions for only a limited amount of time if needed (we overaccommodate).  Only Occupational injuries are placed in off unit assignments again for limited periods of time.  Transitional Work Program is intended for employees who functionally will be able to return to their regular job duties within 90 days.  The employee needs to show continued improvement in their work capacity.  Those that plateau in their recovery or are anticipated to have longer recovery times than 90 days are evaluated under the ADA Accommodation Process for longer term restrictions.  Permanent restrictions immediately start the ADA process.  As to labor expenses we keep the labor expense with the home department even if the employee is placed off unit.  This encourages the department to work with the employee during their recovery, it keeps the employee connected to their work and the organization benefiting from the value and knowledge of that employee.  We use a software tool to track participants in our program so we know when accommodations are hitting the threshold of needing a more involved conversation with the employee.  It's the same tool we use for all ADA Accommodations.

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