[MCOH-EH] Occupational health surveillance software

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My experience-

Cority - very expensive, not terribly easy to purchase in modules, but is probably a good product.
NetHealth - good price, can buy just the medical center employee health enterprise or include the Occ Med module. Not a very good interface - we've been using it for 3 months and still find it very challenging, though others have said they love it.
MediTrax - designed specifically for medical center employee health. From the demos I saw, an excellent program with a fairly simple, intuitive interface. They had staffing issues last year which is why we couldn't coordinate a purchase of it, but I think Dr. Joe has that sorted out now.


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Our University is just starting a more comprehensive Occupational health and safety program. I am looking at several things, but one in particular is software. I have demoed several programs, the ones that seem the most applicable have been PureOHS and Enterprise Health.

Any other suggestions. If anyone is using these, do you have any regrets or specific concerns on what they cannot do? We need to integrate with Peoplesoft on the HR side and EPIC on the clinical.


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