[MCOH-EH] Annual TB Surveillance

Vickie L Clevenger vclevenger at indianarmc.org
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   For new hires - what is the time period you will accept a previous TB test or QFT from? One year or less?
Thank you,

Vickie Clevenger RN, BSN
Employee Health Coordinator
Indiana Regional Medical Center
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We have changed our annual TB surveillance as of October 1.   It has been well received as we presented to our Patient Care leadership council,  Nurse practice forums and Nurse Executives in advance after receiving administrative approval through our Infection Prevention Committee.  We had already decreased our annual TB testing requirements  in 2014 and again in 2018.  I attached two of the slides I used in the presentations.    TGH is a level 1 trauma center, teaching hospital with ~8,500 employees.

  *   We still require annual QFT testing for Emergency Room, Flight Crew, Micro/Virology, HVAC, Respiratory and Bronch and those who travel out of country to high risk areas for 30 consecutive days or more.
  *   We are testing all new hires, symptomatic employees based on annual questionnaire  and, of course,  baselines and 10 week post exposure.
  *   We provide free annual QFT testing upon request for any HCW who is not in the required category, as we currently do and we probably get around 20 team members a year request a QFT.
  *   We require signed declination now for employees with LTBI who decline treatment.

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JoAnn Shea, APRN, MS, COHN-S
Director, Team Member Health and Wellness
Tampa General Hospital
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Good Morning!

Have you changed your annual TB Surveillance based on the new CDC recommendations? If yes how was it received if no why?

Mari C

Mari Numanlia-Wone, RN, MSN, MBA
Manager Employee Wellness & Health Services
El Camino Health
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