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Tayseer Mustafa tayseer.mustafa6 at gmail.com
Mon May 11 09:27:36 PDT 2020

We are doing daily surveillance for all our employees even those working at home .we started it for those entering work sites but then we had a request from those working at home because they felt it gave  them direction as to what to do in case they have symptoms .
We started it on survey monkey but now we moved into soft program and every employee has a link that they tap into to compete it .
Regarding travel ,we are doing the 14 day quarantine as it is mandated by our government but the question which we had is about testing .Some people are requesting testing .
I am looking for your views on testing for the travelers.

Many thanks 
Dr Tayseer Mustafa
Clinical lead for Mubadala Healthcare UAE
Tayseer.mustafa at gmail.com 

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