[MCOH-EH] MCOH-EH Digest, Vol 255, Issue 193

Dr Joe Fanucchi drjoe at meditrax.com
Fri Jul 17 10:39:28 PDT 2020

Okay ... another user has been added to the list of subscribers whose 
messages must be individually reviewed before they are forwarded to the 
This happens when a subscriber ignores these simple rules:

  * When replying to a message, PLEASE delete all footers, and all
    messages to which you're NOT replying.
  * When replying to a DIGEST message, please ensure your reply has a
    specific topic (not just Re:MCOH-EH Digest, Vol 251, Issue 101) so
    other subscribers can locate the thread in the list archives.

Joe Fanucchi

*Joe Fanucchi MD FACOEM*
President and Medical Director
MediTrax / OHS, Inc. <http://www.meditrax.com/>
drjoe at meditrax.com <mailto: drjoe at meditrax.com>
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