[MCOH-EH] COVID-19 infection 14 days after final vaccine dose.

Shea, Joann jshea at tgh.org
Wed Feb 24 12:17:02 PST 2021

I'm just sharing what we have seen to date in terms of COVID infection following vaccination.

  To date, we have vaccinated ~8,000 healthcare workers in our organization (employees, medical staff, residents, etc) with two doses of Pfizer vaccine.   All persons exposed, whether vaccinated or not, are required to call our COVID-19 hotline.     We have been tracking vaccinated HCWs exposed to COVID-19 post-vaccination who meet the following criteria:

1) Report a close contact (i.e. household contact) exposure to COVID-19
2) Received final dose of COVID-19 vaccine 14 days or more from date of exposure
3) Completed PCR testing 4-7 days post exposure

To date, we have had 29 HCWs report exposure that meets this criteria:

  *   25 tested negative for COVID-19 via PCR testing 4-7 days post exposure and were asymptomatic.
  *   4 tested positive:
     *   2 had typical COVID-19 symptoms of loss of taste and smell, fatigue, congestion, cough, headache.
        *   27 year old healthy nurse with history of asthma.   Final dose Pfizer:  1/6/21 and onset of symptoms 2/15/21.   CT value on PCR was  13.24.     PCR positive x 2.  Neutralizing antibody >250 post vaccination.
        *   35 year old manager with PMH:  bariatric surgery 6 months ago;  sleep apnea;  diabetes; HTN.  Final dose Pfizer:  1/4/21 and onset symptoms 2/12/21.   CT value on PCR was 17.63.     PCR positive x 2.  Neutralizing antibody >250 post vaccination
     *   1 was positive, over 60 and was asymptomatic with CT value 35.  Neutralizing antibody was >250 post vaccination
     *   1 presented to our ER with severe headache and vomiting and tested positive on routine PCR.  Had close contact exposure. Symptoms abated in 3 days and was asymptomatic after.  Second PCR test done 3 days later was negative.  Ct was 39, so had low viral load.  Neutralizing antibody was >250 post vaccination.

We are following new CDC guidelines and do not require quarantine after close contact exposure if they meet the CDC vaccination criteria, are free of symptoms  AND get PCR tested post exposure.   We are requiring 7 day quarantine after international travel, regardless of vaccination status.  Is anyone else seeing COVID infections 14 days or more post vaccination?   Thank you!

JoAnn Shea, APRN, MS, COHN-S
Director, Team Member Health and Wellness
Tampa General Hospital
Office: 813-844-7692
Cell:      813-789-3441
jshea at tgh.org

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