[MCOH-EH] UDS for Reasonable Suspicion vs Diversion

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We specify the drug but, obviously, there are no HIPAA issues after the UDS is MRO'd if the prescription is legitimate. (But there may be some safety-sensitive issues)

I agree about the fishing expedition issue.  Have had too many positive THCs that threatened nursing licenses.

Nancy Rodway MD MPH
Medical Director Employee Health, Knox Community Hospital

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Good afternoon all,

I’m cross posting this.  For our hospital employees, for reasonable suspicion we use a med-pro panel and add Suboxone and Fentanyl.  However, I am recommending that for testing in a case of suspected diversion, we test for just the medication in question rather than a total med-pro panel.  I am concerned that it may be a HIPPA issue or seen as a ‘fishing expedition’ if we test for anything other than the drug in question.  I would appreciate hearing how others are testing in a case of suspected diversion.

Thank you in advance.

Stuart Sandler, DO
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