[MCOH-EH] Re anabolic steroid results

Philip Adamo philipad1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 15:45:19 PST 2021

Hello colleagues
I have a challenge with two labs. I am the MRO for a hospital and they contract with CRL to do anabolic steroid testing. I received a result that I do not understand. It has been a while since I reviewed one. I asked CRL if I can speak to a certified scientist. They would not as they send it to Quest. I called Quest and they refused to talk with me since my name was not listed with the hospital I provide services. They gave three names that do not work at the hospital. Not sure why because I am their only MRO.

Does anyone have experience with this testing?

Thanks and happy holidays
Philip Adamo MD MPH
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
Lebanon NH

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