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I had the same issue with quest lab. You have to correct the contract language and reporting authorizations that the hospital/ client has with quest so as to allow you to talk to certifying scientist. 
If I am understanding the situation correctly, you are not the listed as the MRO on the lab results you received and you are only reviewing the finalized result for your client to advise HR as to their next step based on their drug testing policy. If you are the MRO, quest should have you in their system and have to allow you to talk to certifying scientist. 

Hope that helps,
Paul Malak, MD

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> On Dec 24, 2021, at 5:27 PM, Philip Adamo <philipad1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello colleagues
> I have a challenge with two labs. I am the MRO for a hospital and they contract with CRL to do anabolic steroid testing. I received a result that I do not understand. It has been a while since I reviewed one. I asked CRL if I can speak to a certified scientist. They would not as they send it to Quest. I called Quest and they refused to talk with me since my name was not listed with the hospital I provide services. They gave three names that do not work at the hospital. Not sure why because I am their only MRO.
> Does anyone have experience with this testing?
> Thanks and happy holidays
> Philip Adamo MD MPH
> Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
> Lebanon NH
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