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Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!

What time is it?????

It's time for Jimmy Buffett's "I Don't Know" concert and pre-pre parties!!!

Pre-pre parties:

For hotel Parrot Heads:
Uncle Fats, 8745 Temple Terrace Hwy, Tampa 6 til ??????

50/50 raffle for Florida Parrot Rescue

$13.95 pitcher if beer and wings.

9pm Parrot Head karaoke


For at-home Parrot Heads:

The Yard, Mike Broward, doors open at 6pm , takes the stage at 7pm

BYOB, BYOC and a dish to pass. $15 donation for the artist.


Pre-Concert tailgate

If you have time stop by and say "hi" to The De Lei'ed Parrots at Hard Rock from 9am-1pm.

Highway 1 plays from 11-2pm

TBPH is sacrificing a TBPH concert virgin to the volcano at 1pm

Trop Rock Junkies play from 2-5pm.

Flash Mob on the street running right be Lot A overflow. We will dance to hokey pokey and then Brown-eyed girl.

Themed tents and Spin-a-wheel will be raising money for Florida Parrot Rescue - they will be on-site.

Then concert!!!


If you are bringing tents, tables, grills or canopies, please make sure that your name & phone number are clearly marked on them to identify you. Although we have a team taking care of tear-down Saturday night, please tear down your tents, etc. and place them in your vehicle or safe place while you are in the concert. You are responsible for your items.

Entrance to Fairgrounds
You MUST  have either a ticket or a volunteer badge and be on the Tailgate list (list is closed) to enter into the State Fairgrounds through the Orient Road entrance. Volunteer badges will be available at the 5/31/17 meeting after 7:30pm  If you can’t make the meeting, bring your Tampa Bay Parrot Head badge to flash at the Orient Road gate.  You can pick up your volunteer badge inside (see Joyce). Your name is on the list, so it should be no problem getting in through the gate.

Try to have at least 2-4 people per vehicle coming into the Fairgrounds.

Orient Road entrance available for TBPH, SBPHC & Nature Coast ticket holders & volunteers from 8am-10:30am to arrive for set-up and to ensure your place at the “I Don’t Know” tailgate area.  RV’s please try to arrive between 8-10am, no later than 10:30am. Sarasota bus will arrive around 2pm.

You must be on the volunteer list to come in the Orient Road entrance. All TBPH ticket holders have been placed on the list. If you have a lawn ticket and want to enter early, please add name to the tailgate list at the 5/31 meeting.

In the afternoon and with a ticket, you can come through 301 (Main) entrance. However, you may not be able to park in the tailgate area.

NOTE: No boats on trailers or golf carts will be allowed entrance to the Florida State Fairgrounds for tailgating.

Volunteer Schedule
If you volunteered to help, you have been assigned duties; please check your time assigned and show up for your shift listed below.

Tailgate Area (Margarita Millie (if not too windy), TBPH flags & Fins Up signs will be there to greet)!
I Don’t Know Tent is located in Lot A overflow. Parking attendants will be there to assist with parking. If you have a theme tent, please be on-site between 8-8:30am for set-up.

If you have a tent or canopy, please bring it to set up for the masses. Only vehicles that have “actual tailgating” out of the back of the vehicle will be in this area. All other parking will be to the right and further back from this area. We have room for 200 vehicles in this area. You may want to bring your club lanyard (name badge) to ensure entrance to this area. We’ll have our own port o’ potties at our disposal.

What do I bring?
BYOE – Bring Your Own everything! (which means alcohol, drinks, food, bug spray, drinks, chair, cutlery, cups & paper plates & everything else).

HOT! HOT! HOT ! Saturday is usually hot and very humid. Remember to bring water, sun tan lotion. Stay hydrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entertainment Schedule – I Don't Know Tent / Band area

Highway 1 11am-2pm - Virgin sacrifice at 1pm

Trop Rock Junkies 2pm-5pm - Flash mob at 4pm to Hokey Pokey & Brown-eyed girl - this will be out on the road that runs by tailgate area

Our charity is Florida Parrot Rescue – they will be on site
MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN – DRAWING AT 5:30 pm in “I Don’t Know / Band” tent

Key contacts on-site:
Captain Dave or Fireball Steve – set-up
Dorothy / Bill Connolly / Joyce / Jennifer / Susan Bond – whatever you need

8am-10am        MARK LOCKHART
8am-10am        MICHELLE MORRIS
8am-10am        CARL
8am-10am        JANE
8am-10am        DOUG
8am-10am        TONY
8am-10am        TOM
8am-10am        CAROLYN S
12-2pm  MELISSA
12-2pm  SCOTT GOOD
12-2pm  DIANE
12-2pm  PETE
12-2pm  JEFF
12-2pm  JENNIFER T
12-2pm  ALMA

Spin a Wheel / Membership
12pm-1pm        SHARON
        CRAZY MARK
        CAROL K
1pm-2pm RON
        ANN B
2pm-3pm SHAGGY
        NANCY G
3pm-4pm EUNICE
        VALERIE C
4pm-5pm DIANA
5-6 PM  DORI
        ABU DHABI

12-1pm  JENN ROD
1pm-2pm MICHELLE
        BUBBA & MEGAN
2pm-3pm ERNIE
        PETE S.
3pm-4pm VALERIE
4pm-5pm CAROL B
        MARIA S



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